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I increase companies’ value via business model design / redesign and to invest in them.

After successful redesign of the business model, I would then raise funding from venture capitalists and also list the company in an appropriate stock exchange.

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The above is a equity crowdfunding roadshow in Canton Province in China. We had gotten numerous investors to be interested in investing in our client’s project. The amount of interested amount is at least RMBĀ„ 5,000,000. This was done in less than 20 minutes.

The business project is a agricultural project in Sarawak, Malaysia. We helped design the business and financial model to make it attractive for investors to invest.

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We were helping our client to rehearse before his actual presentation. He is a fantastic business person with very good relationships with a lot of people. This also makes it easier for him to raise investment.

We are planning for his project to be listed in the Australian Stock Exchange. Let’s wish him and his project all the best.


We made some small contribution in organizing some investor relationship management and did some small private placement compliant with Securities & Futures Act of a company making a listing at US OTC Market. They are listing with a market cap of USD 159 million.


This is us investing and also helping another Condotel project in Manila to approach more people to be interested to be involved in the project.


This is me speaking at Global Entrepreneur Project for a small project that we invested in years back. It is an innovative spa co op concept. It raised some small amount of S$ 400,000.


Raymond Ng also organizes talks to educate people in government funding after the budget release every year. This event is conducted right in SPRING Singapore’s building. Educating tonnes of entrepreneurs about government funding and how to improve productivity in general.


Raymond Ng is also invited to many other trainers’ seminars to share about funding in general. This is a great outreach program that has benefited many business owners.


Raymond Ng has also raised money for food companies to setup stalls and outlets in Singapore.


Raymond Ng has been invited to the Singapore Radio to share about business and a little about funding.

Raymond Ng has been invited to appear on TV webisode to talk about funding in general.

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I am also certified by the Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council. I am a small group of consultants that are approved by an agency supported by the government. I have been certified by the government to be continuing to provide capital consulting services to Companies.


The above is my certificate.


The above is my certificate for Certified Management Consultant. I am internationally certified to be providing management consulting for companies.

The following are the awards given by 2 Ministers in Singapore.




Dr Sun, CEO of a Health Wellness Chain.

Mr Lester. A very successful optometrist running a few branches giving me testimonial.

Mr Yuri, a russian scientist! bringing in new wellness supplements into Singapore.


“I approached Raymond Ng from Candle Consultations because I was at a crossroad with my tuition agency start up, House Tutor, not knowing which direction to take nor how to grow & level it up further.

Raymond shared with me how the House Tutor system was unique and could potentially be grown globally with the appropriate business structure. The result, was the birth of the licensee model for House Tutor with the growth potential paved towards IPO.

In less than 2 months the new model was conceptualized and implemented successfully. A few things I personally liked about Raymond is his sharp eye to spot the potential in businesses and of-course his genuine and candid personality.

I found the experience I received from Raymond invaluable. I have approached many consultants and none provided the same confidence, conviction and structure as provided by Raymond Ng.

I would strongly recommend Candle Consultations to everyone who needs help or assistance in restructuring their business to develop a new or greater growth potential for your business”
– Founder, House Tutor.

Mr Naresh, Founder of Valona Holdings Pte Ltd

Interview with Mr Jamie Lee, Founder of Lunch Actually Pte Ltd

Other Testimonials about Business Model Services / Training – Making Business More Scalable









Meeting up with Raymond

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